Panasonic is well known in the electronics industry, but not so much in the beauty industry. When Panasonic Beauty came to us they had a clear challenge; grow brand awareness at scale and reinforce Panasonic Beauty’s look and feel through original, social-first content. 


Through insights from Jungle Creations’ media publisher, Four Nine, we discovered video content series drive the most cut through in beauty sector, and influencers with small but loyal followings drive higher engagement rates and more positive sentiment to a brand’s page. 


Panasonic Personal Care is centred around the notion that the Panasonic tools should enhance the natural beauty of their consumers, helping them to feel their best authentic selves, every day. So we came up with ‘Embrace Your Basic’ - a brand new, influencer-led video content series all about how you level-up simple styles or achieve a fresh new look without having to commit to unsustainable daily routines.


Working with a range of micro influencers, we published a 6-part video series on Instagram featuring a range of hair tutorials;  from new takes on classic 90s hairstyles, to braiding styles that help frame your face in under 3 minutes.


Our series drove exceptional results with nearly 5m impressions globally and over 900k views. Plus, due to our carefully curated selection of influencers, our series garnered an average engagement rate of 12.25%, a huge increase compared to the industry benchmark of 1.90%. 


Take a look.

some results

  • 6 episodes
  • 4.3m impressions
  • 12.25% engagement rate