We had two clear objectives for Bull’s-Eye: 1. Turn Bull’s-Eye into a valued and authentic voice in the online BBQ community. 2. Inspire consumer loyalty through BBQ expertise and a authoritative, no-nonsense personality. How? We created 4 content pillars that would be executed across Bull’s-Eye’s Instagram account, designed to cater to the audience’s BBQ needs and deliver a rich Bull’s-Eye experience. Content ranged from challenges such as ‘Pitmasters’ , where we challenged followers to become the ultimate BBQ’er, to regular partnerships with meat-loving influencers in the food space, to mouth-watering food porn content to keep our audiences coming back for more. Over the course of the last year we have achieved incredible results. Our combination of mouth-watering content and influencer partnerships saw an impressive follower growth of 500% in just one year. Plus, a 2000% rise in comments. Think it's safe to say Bull's-Eye has become symbolic of great grilling.

some results

  • 200+ UCG per month
  • +9% YOY sales growth