The Wild Launch ‘Sound, designed.’ Campaign Feat. Tokio Myers For Braun Audio

The first piece of audio equipment Braun have made in 30 years, The Wild’s ‘Sound Designed’ marks the formal relaunch of the Braun Audio brand globally. Originally designed in the 1950s by the revered designer Dieter Rams, the new Braun Audio range stays true to these design principles. The challenge to The Wild was to emphasise the LE speaker range’s timeless performance, design credentials and acoustic excellence to a new, modern audience.

To help Braun Audio launch its new LE range, The Wild introduced the power of Synaesthesia - the ability to visualise colour through sound - by working alongside musician Tokio Myers and artist Jake-Andew Nason. While listening to Tokio’s new track through the new LE speakers, Jake was able to interpret the music into art through his Synaesthesia - bringing the world of sound and design together to represent the immersive experience of the new LE range. Online audiences will be able to experience the hero film with 8D audio by wearing headphones.

The Wild is also partnering with designers to run takeovers of Braun’s social channels and promote the experience of the speaker range with each focusing on one of Dieter Rams’ 10 design principles.

Elin Klockare Järlström, Creative at The Wild, said: “Seeing your work come to life is always the best part of the job. But this campaign literally took it to another level. Synesthesia is such a powerful ability, being able to visualise what you hear. And seeing Jake let his synaesthetic senses guide every brush stroke based on Tokio’s music was truly out of the ordinary. Sound, designed. is all about bringing the best of two worlds together. Thanks to Braun Audio and two amazing talents, we did.”

Hubert Eiter, leading the Marketing team at Braun Audio, said: The collaboration on the “Sound, designed.” campaign with The Wild and two fantastic artists was a truly inspiring journey. Braun Audio stands for purity of design, performance and sound. With “Sound, designed.” we managed to combine all three elements into an eclectic content campaign that helps drive awareness for Braun in the audio category with a creative, design, and art interested target group.”

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