Sustainability and Wellness for the world's largest crispbread manufacturer, Wasa

The Wild are very excited to be working with Wasa Crispbread, the world's largest crispbread manufacturer. The Barilla-owned company was established in 1919 in Sweden and is now sold in more than 40 different countries. Wholesome, all-natural ingredients make them naturally low in fat with no trans fats or sugar.

Wasa came to The Wild at the end of December 2021 with a clear mission: build brand awareness, and position Wasa as sustainable and environmentally engaged in the health food space through social content production and activation. 

The Idea

Through DiscoverIQ, we discovered pandemic highlighted that lots of people do not have the luxury of living near nature or green spaces - essentials for good mental health. Plus, Sweden is 70% forest, with numerous coastal lakes and glacial mountainscapes.

So how can Wasa help bring city dwellers closer to nature?

From calming Spotify playlists to collaborations with planet-conscious influencers, we have developed a range of content that celebrates people making positive changes in the sustainability, food, and wellness spaces.

Plus, for each new follower, Wasa promises to brand a tree in the Swedish countryside to sustain their ecology. 

Take a look.

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