Launching a Cross-Brand Campaign at Scale for Associated British Foods

We are at the social helm of several of Associated British Food’s brands, including Truvia, Billington’s, Crusha and Allinson’s Flour. In our latest work, we were tasked with launching a cross-brand campaign at scale to inspire both their existing and new community to bake twice as much using Associated British Food’s products.

Using data from our insights hub, Discover IQ, we discovered that baking surged in lockdown and became a way for us to show others we care for them; either baking with or for our friends and family. Baking can simply be delicious, but it can also have a profound personal meaning. From the cookies your gran used to make, to the sourdough on sunny Sunday mornings, some bakes are more than just cooking.

So we created a brand new campaign, titled #BakeForLove. The work sees five Associated British Food brands come together to encourage Britons to share the stories behind the bakes they love, creating a heart warming homage to one of Britain’s favourite past times.

Executed across a range of social-led formats, including influencer content, CTA posts, reels, GIFs, takeovers, guides and polls, it's no surprise was a huge success; with a 60m total reach, 95m impressions and 30k evergreen engagement. Plus, 3k new followers, 1.1k organic hashtag uplift and an impressive 13.39s average watch time.

Check out our Brownie Bites recipe here.

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