1m organic reach via Influencers for Crusha

Communicating 'no added sugar' messaging to health-conscious parents is no easy feat; especially when it's about a drink that was traditionally associated with a high-sugar diet. But over the course of the last year, we've managed to drastically change audience perceptions, and generate an impressive 20% sales uplift and 1m views in the process. 

How? Through three distinct content pillars that align with Crusha's core brand messaging and audience behaviours. From harnessing key 'Occasion' moments like going back to school, to jumping onto Instagram Reels and introducing new formats for recipe videos, to partnering with family-focussed influencers across Facebook and Instagram. 

Take a look!

Partnering with Influencer Hollie Plus 

Milk Made Fun

Movie Night Moments 

Halloween Inspiration




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