The Wild joins forces with Verified

The Wild joins forces with Verified; a United Nations initiative tackling misinformation around coronavirus

‘Experts vs The Internet’ sees leading experts address COVID-19 topics that are prone to misinformation

The United Nations’ (UN) initiative Verified is collaborating with The Wild to launch the social campaign ‘Experts vs The Internet’, aimed at tackling the spread of misinformation around coronavirus.

The Verified campaign's mission is to create content that cuts through the noise to deliver life-saving information, fact-based advice and stories from the best of humanity. By promoting and sharing Verified content, everyday people can play a crucial role in spreading reliable information that counters misinformation.

The ‘Experts vs The Internet’ campaign will contain three episodes produced by The Wild, and will feature leading experts as they address topics surrounding COVID-19 that are prone to misinformation. They deliver the facts, separating truth from conjecture. Through the series, the UN hopes to shift audience behaviour, encouraging people to seek reputable sources, to take care before they share information with others and urging them to consider the negative impact of sharing incorrect information.

The first episode is centred around ‘Transmission’ and sees the experts answer common questions about coronavirus such as ‘where did COVID-19 come from?’, ‘how does coronavirus spread?’, and ‘what do masks actually do?’ Episode two will tackle ‘Treatment and Symptoms’, with the third episode covering ‘Vaccines.’

The three episodes will be distributed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by Jungle Creations’ news and entertainment brand VT, which has over 39 million followers across social platforms, and will be amplified through Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, United Nations, commented:


We’re excited to collaborate with The Wild who have integrated this information into an engaging, exciting format and with Jungle Creations who reach a huge audience on social media.”

Tom McGirr, Head of Strategy, The Wild, commented: “Social has been the global community’s primary source of news and information throughout the pandemic, and as a result, the negative impact of misinformation circulating online has been amplified. Being a publisher-powered agency we immediately recognised the importance of the UN’s Verified initiative, and we’re delighted to be playing our part in keeping audiences informed with substantiated information and expert perspectives in a fun and easily-digestible format. Spoiler alert: keep washing those hands and don’t always trust what your aunt sends you on WhatsApp.”

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